Le Politique Political Trading Cards

Le Politique is a French brasserie, patisserie and coffee shop located in downtown Austin. Translated to ‘The Politician,’ Le Politique is both a nod to Austin’s roots as a capital city and an homage to Texas and French politicians, past & present, who roam these very streets.

In celebration of Galentine’s Day, International Women’s Day and gearing up for Women’s History month, we created these political trading cards, honoring political heroines of the past and present. The idea for these trading cards, came from real French trading cards, in which Le Femmes de l’Avenir (Women of the Future) were imagined. Taking on roles that were traditionally for men only, these cards imagined women as journalists, generals, and pilots—in a way that seemed almost fantasy or science fiction. Breathing new life into that idea—we wanted to portray the real women of the future. Women who are strong, speak their minds, and deserve just as much power and say in a male dominated world.