Limoncello Club Lapel Pins

Located in East Austin, Il Brutto is a neighborhood Italian spot dedicated to serving authentic Italian cuisine with a focus on handmade pastas, pizzas & breads.. Translated as “the ugly,” the name Il Brutto is a nod to the iconic Spaghetti Western film The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

If you've dined at Il Brutto, more than likely you've finished an evening strong with a complimentary bottle of housemade limoncello. Non ti ricordi? Then you've almost *certainly* imbibed. The extra-hardy liqueur is un classico Italiano, best served chilled as a post-carbfest digestivo. But you may be wondering, what exactly is this incredibly strong, citrus-infused pick-me-up?

Il Brutto’s Limoncello Club is now in session every Monday during happy hour. Grab a seat at the bar anytime between 5-7p to learn the secrets behind the signature recipe + peel a few lemons to contribute to the latest batch while you enjoy half off your choice of cocktail, wine, beer or spirit. You’ll walk away with a recipe card to recreate your own version at home + a molto esclusivo Limoncello Club membership pin. After your batch distills for two months, you’ll be invited back in to pick up a bottle of your own brew to take home + reap the (distilled) fruits of your labor.